Modern way of life helps us conserve our food easily. The whole point of having a large refrigerating systems is not having to think about food going bad two days after we spent money on buying it. However, there are some types of food that shouldn’t be stored in refrigerator because your food will change flavor. The worst case scenario is when your refrigerator alters the quality of the food you store in it. There are even some cases when storing food makes it moldy faster. This is the list of foods you definitely should not refrigerate!
Tomatoes definitely do not belong to your fridge because they will lose their flavor. The reason for this is the cold air in the refrigerator that stops their ripening process and therefore their flavor is endangered. Also, cold air has an impact in the texture of tomatoes because it breaks down the membranes inside the tomatoes and turns them mealy. The best way to keep your tomatoes is in a basket or a glass bowl on the kitchen counter.
The biggest problem with keeping basil in the fridge is that he will absorb all the smells of the food that surrounds it. Instead, try keeping it outside the fridge, in a cup of fresh water. If you really need to keep the basil for a longer period of time, try some of the freezing tips for basil on the internet.
There is a big misunderstanding with keeping potatoes in a cool and not cold place. Cold temperatures turn the starch of potato into sugar more quickly than you think. Try putting potatoes in a paper bag in a cool and dark place in your home instead. It is better to put potatoes in paper and not plastic bags because  potatoes can receive more air in paper bags, which will slow the deterioration process.
Garlic has the same problem with fridge that potatoes have. You should keep it in a cool and dark place instead of the fridge. In cold temperatures, garlic will start to sprout and it may become moldy too.
The moisture in onions makes them soft and eventually moldy of you put them in the fridge. Instead, keep them in a dry, cool and dark place. However, keep potatoes and onions separate when placing them in that dark and cool place at your home. The reason for this is because when stored together onions and potatoes deteriorate faster.
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Dorothy Prats / [email protected]