To avoid a surprise at checkout, ask hotels for a list of their fees when you check in or call ahead to see what sort of surcharges they levy. You can also use the hotel fee lookup tool at to find out what fees are charged b
y more than 2,000 hotels worldwide. And Rosner said that tries to make fees transparent on its site so you’ll know about hotel fees upfront when booking. Many of the boutique hotels than can be booked through at a discount tend to include many of the extras in their base rate rather than charging separately for them, she said.
You Overlook Package Deals. Perhaps you like to spend a lot of time searching for the lowest airfare rather than finding the best lodging deal for your vacation. But, you might save time, and money, if you opt for a package deal offered by travel booking sites such as and
Ek said travelers often can save $200 to $300 or more per person by booking a flight and hotel that’s bundled together. According to him, airlines and hotels can price flights and rooms lower for packages because these offers don’t show how much you’re paying for each, just a flat rate.
You Don’t Consider Vacation Rental Properties. For plenty of people, a vacation means not having to make the beds and cook meals, which is why they opt for a hotel. But vacation rental property, such as a condo, apartment or house, can be a more budget-friendly option. You might not get room service, but you will get a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and avoid pricey restaurant meals, no hidden fees and more space, often for a lower price than a hotel. “Vacation rentals offer, on average, twice the space at half the cost of a hotel room,” said Jon Gray, chief revenue officer of HomeAway, a site that helps travelers find vacation rentals. Plus, you can split the cost with friends or another family if you rent a property with several bedrooms.
You Aren’t Flexible With Your Plans. Sometimes your work schedule or your kids’ school schedules can restrict your travel times. But if you have wiggle room, you should use it to your advantage. “Travel flexibility is a commodity that’s worth money in the travel market, and you can leverage it,” Ek said. 

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