Finally warm temperatures are here to stay and you don’t have to worry about that frost. You may think it’s too late to grow all your favorite vegetables from seed but warm May temperatures have made the soil perfect for sowing seeds. Warm soil will allow for fast germination and growing plants. Good choices are 
summertime kitchen garden staples like squash, beans, cucumbers and melons.
Beans. Start planting both bush and pole beans now that the soil and air are warmed up. Try a continual 7-10 day sowing of different varieties. This will give you continual bean crops and not one large harvest with wasted crop. Beets. Sow beets now for a fast, early summer treat. First it should be noted that the beans represent, from the point of view of protein, a valid alternative to the consumption of meat and are a food that thanks to its properties is able to balance the diet from the standpoint of the ratio of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. A regular consumption of beans is able to lower the presence of cholesterol in the body and due to the good presence of dietary fibers are well suited to prevent intestinal problems, constipation and hemorrhoids. Even diabetics can benefit from the consumption of beans, as they also have the ability to lower blood sugar. Recent studies have revealed the possible presence of anti-cancer properties in the beans which, however, need to be studied before we can say with certainty this property of the beans; according to recent studies also the heart and the circulatory system would benefit from regular consumption of beans.
Cabbage. Cabbage is one of the easier plants to grow in the garden. Select a variety that is right for your location (size and maturity 
length). Be sure to fertilize and water when cabbage head begins to form. Cabbage is an abundant source of Vitamin C. You might be surprised to know that it is actually richer in vitamin C than oranges, which is traditionally considered the “best” source of that vital nutrient. Vitamin C, as one of the best antioxidants, reduces free radicals in your body that are one of the fundamental causes of premature aging. It also helps in repairing the wear and tear on the body through the course of your life. Therefore, cabbage is very helpful in treating ulcers, certain cancers, depression, immune system boosting, and defending against cough and cold. 
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Dorothy Prats

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