It is said that children laugh about 300 times a day, while adults get to mere 5 times. How can we change that? Laughter is important, it relaxes us and frees us from pain. Somehow on our road to adulthood, we unlearn how to laugh. Why is that, and how can we regain our laughter?
People who suffer from scarcity mentality believe that what they have right and where they are right now is all there is. Therefore, they adopt a mindset of protecting what they have. They believe somebody is there to take it. Since they believe the future holds nothing but reduction for them, they fear the outside world. They focus on holding on to what they have right now and see potential danger looming everywhere.
“Did you ever notice when you go to somebody else’s house, you never quite feel 100% at home? You know why? No room for your stuff! Somebody else’s stuff is all over the place!” Humour means we have to distance ourselves from the situation – which we can’t do when we worry all the time about somebody taking “our stuff”. How can we change this attitude? By working on our mindset.
Ask yourself: are you afraid of losing in your life? Or are you looking forward to becoming successful? There is a quick exercise that you can do to get yourself a little less attached to physical belongings. Take some of your possessions and move them into your basement or storage space, essentially, have them out of sight. After two,  three weeks, ask yourself: am I missing these items? or am I already forgetting about them? I have talked a little bit more about strategies to let go in my Idea Machine article about how to declutter your life.
In school, we learn that we have to please an authority (the teacher) to be accepted. Therefore, when we have an idea, we too often evaluate it in our mind and then reject it because it may not be good enough. This way of thinking also leads to “Imposter Syndrome”. People that suffer from this syndrome think they got to where they are in their career because of sheer luck.
When we want to laugh or make a joke, we should do it because we want to. Not everyone will like our sense of humor, and that’s ok. The most important point is whether we like what we are doing. We all have dreams and desires in our mind. We also have the capability to judge. But unless we are about to do something that puts us or others in immediate danger, or that is detrimental to our goals on the long run, we must forget about that judge.
Until tomorrow: Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality. 

Dorothy Prats
[email protected]