Everyone wants to somehow be honorable. It seems to be a noble and befitting way to be. I will tell you what honor is. Honor is when you don’t play games and simply are your ulterior motive. That is being impeccable. That is not necessarily beautiful but it is impeccable.
Being honorable is being up front. There is no mishmash, no gray area. There is no maybe. There is no hot and cold or one day you are on and the next day you are off. There is no instability. When you are what you are at this time in your time that is being honorable and indeed impeccable. To waver off of that is to be unimpeccable.  
That is what I call an impeccable person. That impeccable person, I will jolly well enjoy their presence. I am very picky about who gets into my presence, because when people have ulterior motives you always have to deal with their soap opera. Like a soap bubble, they are changing colors and are filmy and never want to really know. You always have to entertain them or not talk to them at all because they are not impeccable
people. They are not who they are. They are pretenders. They are an imitation and are not genuine. 
There are a lot of disingenuous people sitting in this audience hearing this message. You are disingenuous because you don’t live in your life what you have learned here. You are disingenuous because you take what you have learned here and use it as a pretense while all along covering a rotten nature and your ulterior motive. That is why you are not consistent in this school. Soapy, soap opera people are never genuine. Genuine beings I enjoy and engage because we have a true interaction with them. They have nothing to hide, and when we engage, they engage from a truthful place. When they learn, they learn truthfully, not soapy learning but real learning.
This is no different than at the light review after death, because at the light everything is uncovered. The soap opera is shown right in front of you, and you are all players and see how disgusting that was. The one thing that you take with you from the light review, as the personality aspect of the great self, is feeling that you dishonored yourself, flat out dishonored yourself, and as a result you manipulated, were insincere, and untruthful to other people.
If you dig up fossil remains of present-day animals, you will see that there is a modulation, a change, in who they were ten million years ago versus who they are today. If we look at those remains, we do not say, “That is bad. That was a mistake. We are much better off today with this one.” You do not see evolution in those terms. You simply see the fossil from where it was in its past to where it is today. You see through geological age the evolution of that species and we celebrate that it changed. It gives us hope for ourselves. We never look at what it was and condemn it. We only do that if we are disingenuous.
Understand how important decisions and choices are in your life. I am not talking about choices over which you grandstand. When you grandstand a choice, you have never made it. When the choice is so natural to you and it is common thought, then you have made it. Until they are made that way, they will never be real choices and the unfinished business in the soul will lie there still unfinished.
Until tomorrow: Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Dorothy Prats

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