Called Ciudad de los Portales (portales being the roofed walkways lining many storefronts), Alamos is famous for its outstanding colonial architecture: cobbled streets, arches, patios, and interior gardens are an unforgettable trip into the past. Moreover, Alamos is located in a truly unique hotspot of biodiversity, many Golden Eagles call the Sierra de Alamos their home. And befitting such a notable town are notable personalities: tenor Alfonso Ortiz, composer Arturo Marquez, actress Maria Felix, and the one and only Doña all hail from Alamos.
If you visit the magical village of Alamos, you mustn’t miss the chance to try its traditional cuts of meat, famous throughout Mexico for their excellent quality and exquisite taste. In the shops and restaurants, you can find a wide variety of meat-based dishes: American-style steaks, “machaca” and “picadillo” are just some of these. When lunchtime comes around, you can choose between restaurants with extensive menus that offer an excellent service, more traditional family eateries with unique tastes of home cooking, and local markets where you will find maize-based bites to eat and typical sweets. Wherever you go, don’t forget to accompany your dishes with a bacanora (the local drink par excellence) and end with a guava dessert to finish with aplomb.
In Alamos, there is no excuse for being bored, since there is a wide range of activities on offer. You can explore nature zones, visit historic monuments, buy colourful arts and crafts… in fact, there is so much to do that a day perhaps is not enough. When planning day excursions, you should bear these recommendations in mind: the summer is very hot, so it is recommended to pack light clothing, a hat and sunglasses. In the winter, on the other hand, nights can be chilly. The best way to discover the city is undoubtedly on board the small train that runs through its streets. Must do’s: buy arts and crafts –palm leaf items, brass, glass, clay and knitted macrame objects, rugs, woollen embroidery and “serape” shawls– and try the famous Sonora cuts of meat.
Before sunset we’ll make our way up to the Cerro del Perico overlook. As darkness sets in, the town’s twinkling lights turn on one by one and the Plaza de Armas, Palacio Municipal and Immaculate Conception Parrish Church stand out against the desert sky. 
Until tomorrow: Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world. 

Dorothy Prats
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