Amethyst is the first book of the Guardian series by Heather Bowhay, in the book we are introduced to Alexis, or Lexi as she is know to her friends.  Alexis has a special ability where she can see events of people who are going to be in-danger, however she ends up finding people who have gifts and learns about them as well.  In the process she also finds herself falling for two different guy’s, one of them who she has saved and the other who is just a normal guy.
The book is told completely from Alexis point of view, which works rather well in this case since it’s her gift that is the most important here.  Heather Bowhay has made Alexis a bit different from her best friend Ally – who helps her out and is rather fashion conscious – Alexis isn’t, in fact Alexis is more of a bookworm who has a high vocabulary range which is rather refreshing
to see.  Given that this book is aimed for Young Adults there is nothing too intense in the book, the romance isn’t too full on and if anything it just seems more flirtatious chat than anything serious.
This is Heather Bowhay’s first novel release, although the second book called Linked is already out to buy.  The story is rather nice, although when reading it there are a good few mistakes that should have been picked up rather quickly; in one of the first chapters Ally said ‘You’re and your’ one after the other, that should have been picked up rather fast and removed from the novel before it was released.  The characters themselves however is something else, personally there was a lot of character’s in this book, you have the main character Alexis, then you have Ally and Ben (although Ben was more of a background character than anything else), we then had Jessica, Jason, Ash, Madison, Max and Laci.  While this doesn’t sound like a lot of character’s, given the element of the book is supernatural, it’s a unique supernatural tone and nothing is truly explained about the gifts the group have until right at the end of the book.

Dorothy Prats
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