Crystal healing is an ancient art, though there are many practitioners of the theory as of today. It is necessary to know some tips for cleansing the crystals before use, so as to absolve them of whatever negative energies they hold
Amethyst, clear quartz, and carnelian can be used as cleansing agents themselves. Of course, they’ll need to be cleaned later, separately. Kyanite, azeztulite, citrine, and selenite do not require any cleansing. Lepidolite, alabaster, turquoise, opalulexite, calcite, hematite, spectrolite, and carnelian should not be cleansed with salt water. Opal, amethyst, and turquoise should not be cleansed in the sunlight.
The source of a crystal is not known to many. It may have already been used by someone, and may contain negative energies. For this reason, it is important to cleanse the crystals before use. Cleansing the stones with water, sage, salt, etc., will dissipate the dense energies and infuse the stone with positive energy. A common misconception is that crystals have to be cleansed only once. That’s not true, since one may leave their crystal anywhere, and it may absorb negative vibrations from the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to cleanse crystals and stones regularly.
Water is a universal cleaning agent. Hold the stone under clean, clear, cool running water. Imagine the negativity being washed away. The stone will be cleansed in some time. Remember though, that some crystals should not be cleaned with water, including lapis lazuli, selenite, calcite, malachite, fluorite, etc.
Strong intuitions and positive intentions can help cleanse crystals. Hold the crystal in the palm of the hand, intend that the negative energy be absolved, and blow the thoughts into the stone. Visualize the stone to be surrounded by a bright, golden light. If the intention is genuine and powerful, the crystal will be cleansed and purified. A positive breath is believed to push the negative energy into a black hole and purify the crystal with positive, bright vibrations.
Smudging requires the crystal to be cleansed with herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass, incense sticks, etc. Use a smudging stick, incense, or a smudging feather made of any (or a combination) of the above-mentioned herbs, light it at the tip with a flame, and gently pass the billowing smoke on the crystals. The stones will be cleansed within a few seconds.

Until tomorrow: All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.

Dorothy Prats / [email protected]