Alexis was a rather good character, she was well read and just a decent character overall, there is nothing to dislike about her.  Although she would swing from wanting to be part of the Amethyst’s to not in the space of a chapter, it was convincing considering she didn’t have that much knowledge in what was going on.
Jessica was a bit too bubbly and too  bright in my opinion, there just seemed to be something a bit too much about her.  Although I know there are people who are chirpy the majority of the time, Jessica was just brought about as being a bit over that – to an extent that I thought of her a bit as being like Pinkie Pie from the new My Little Pony series.
Ash just irritated me, he seemed rather obnioxious when we are first introduced to him.  Although over the time that we see him he’s not as bad and it’s rather flirtatious chat that is going on between himself and Alexis I just can’t warm up to him at all.
Ally seems rather well done as well, although it was interesting to read that Alexis is in the same college as her not because she wants to be, but because Ally always knows what she wants to do.  I hope her character might be explored a bit more because she does seem to be rather interesting and she and Alexis have a good teamwork going on as well.
The final character that I can actually write about is Madison, although we don’t really get that much of a look to her, aside from her being really beautiful and a bit of a bitch as well.  However since I don’t know what Madison’s circumstances are for her to behave in such a way I can’t really say anything overly negative about her, part from she does come across as being possessive and bitchy.
The over all book was really nice to read, it had a nice set of action and also some calm moments
between friends in there as well, however the part I was most disappointed in was the ending, even though it’s a series the fact that the Amethyst’s and Guardian’s were only explained at the end of the book annoyed me, though I suppose it entices people to go and get the second book

Until tomorrow: Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.