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Abril 26, 2015
Abril 25, 2015

My baby boy hit his middle forties on April 6. May it be the beginning of a great time in his life. He has a new home, a new book on the market and is thin and fit and has become a happy no meat and potatoes man.

Abril 24, 2015
Abril 22, 2015
Abril 22, 2015
Abril 19, 2015
Abril 17, 2015
Abril 15, 2015
Abril 12, 2015
Abril 10, 2015
Abril 6, 2015
Abril 5, 2015
Abril 3, 2015
Abril 1, 2015
Marzo 28, 2015

Lately the heavens seem to be sending me messages. People come to lunch or to keep me company on long weekends. Emily Israel will be leaving soon for California but has spent two weekends with me either on Saturday or Sunday. Last week being Dia de la Mujer my Sunday had two opera singers and their families sharing a gentle afternoon. It was so pleasant before we knew it, night had fallen and they had a long drive ahead of them.

Marzo 23, 2015

Thirty five year old Jackie McMullen, an Army nurse stationed in Afghanistan receives the call no spouse wants to get. Her husband, Jimmy, a New York City firefighter, has perished in the line of duty. She returns home to Brooklyn to bury her husband and console her ten year old son, Charlie. Jackie, and Charlie, are devastated. Charlie idolized his dad, and now the outgoing, curious boy has become quiet and reserved. Trusting in the healing power of family, Jackie decides to return to her childhood home on Sullivans Island.

Marzo 21, 2015

RN Tina Nelson and her trained staff are still going strong after thirty some odd years. That already says a lot. Much too often old people are dumped and the bones collected by…loving family members… when their soul moves on.

Marzo 14, 2015
Marzo 11, 2015
Marzo 7, 2015
Marzo 7, 2015
Febrero 27, 2015

Thanks for your cooperation and your vote of confidence. I hope the printers can make the letters a bit large, so far, it’s the only complaint I hear. My grandson Ramon has done a great job transcribing my general thoughts and ideas. It is not easy in spite of constant communication. I personally feel he did a great job and I am awed at the advance he has made in the English language. His spelling skills are excellent and his vocabulary far superior than most.    

Febrero 23, 2015