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Abril 19, 2015

Amy March Cheney Beach was a legendary music composer and pianist and was the best woman composer at the time in the United States. As a woman, she defied all traditional conventions and set foot into a world of musical maestros to create some of the most notable works of her period. This made her the first successful woman composer. She was well known for her large repertoire of musical and solo achievements and went on to stun the world with her complex styles of music composition and symphonies. .

Enero 4, 2015
Julio 28, 2014
May 19, 2014

Estos artistas se llevaron la noche de los Billboard Music...

Junio 30, 2013
Julio 1, 2012

amigos de la Música de Cuernavaca is pleased to share the 2013 Opera Season Program and invite you to Become one of their distinguished Patrons of the Opera- 2012-2013.   They bring us joy but they cannot do it without our help. 

Junio 6, 2012

Singing is vibration. You breathe in unformed verses from your imagination or t ftom memory or dee dum do... from pure inspiration and moves it from within to without.

May 21, 2012

Instead of a book I’d like to talk today about an old CD worth having. This Mortal Coil. I heard its haunting melodies over a week ago on a friend’s telephone (downloaded from the computer) -and they’re still dancing in my head and spinning in my heart.