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Junio 1, 2015

Today Carousel is five years old! Members over at St. Michael’s and all angels are working like bees to get their pantry sale ready for May 23rd. As usual, it promises to be a sell-out. A Raffle of traditional British goodies, a delicious lunch, hundreds of homemade items to buy: cookies, cakes, fudges, candies, jams, jellies, chutneys, home-made noodles, fruit pies... you name it... it will be there. Beryl Boddy has more information.

Abril 10, 2015

Spring is here and people from colder lands are heading home. Some complaining it’s been colder than usual in Cuernavaca. I got news for you friends, it’s been colder the world over than it as ever been. There is a climate change! When I used to call Florida to say “I’m on my way”, they told me “Bring your bathing suits”, now I hear “Bring your sweaters”.

Marzo 27, 2015
Marzo 21, 2015

RN Tina Nelson and her trained staff are still going strong after thirty some odd years. That already says a lot. Much too often old people are dumped and the bones collected by…loving family members… when their soul moves on.

Febrero 4, 2015
May 24, 2014

Después de  ciento sesenta y siete emocionantes encuentros, y casi cuatro meses de competencia...

May 12, 2014
Abril 18, 2014

During spiritual growth you might feel as if you’re going backwards, rest assured you’re not...

Octubre 7, 2013

Alrededor de 8 mil personas asistieron al gran concierto que el reconocido tenor Plácido Domingo ofreció...

May 28, 2013
Febrero 22, 2013
Noviembre 23, 2012