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Copa Morelos 2016


Our out-of-town friends and family were enchanted with   Safari. It is just a bit  beyond Hacienda San Gabriel de Las Palmas and  a lot closer than I remembered. You drive through in your own auto, so walking is at a minimum- Where there are giraffes and a few other creatures just enclosed enough to be safe (them from us and us from them) you can hand feed , walk around and actually even touch them . But mostly you drive slowly through the zoo, feeding the animals from your car window, The food is packaged and sold at the entrance so the feed is balanced, sugar-free, and medically supervised. Its fascinating for all ages, older ones, after all we don’t see  jungle animals with frequency and now they can enjoy them in all their glorious coloring and grace and appreciate It’ their immensity . It  is exciting for all ages  and it  makes for  a nice family outing -safe off the streets, different, pretty much outdoors, relaxing and certainly something you don´t easily forget
I’ve seen elephants in books since I was a little kid and I’m still taken aback when I actually see them in person and realize how huge they are and how small and delicate we are.

The Clan…
This past weekend the Pous family came for Mothers Day and also the De Anda clan and two of my grandsons. We toasted Christiane and Eduardo on the good news received that very morning  from Dr Romero of a new baby on the way with champagne and cheers making it the happiest  Mother’s Day we could possibly wish  for.
Beto de Anda had us fascinated with the plans for a remaking of Mi Fantasma y Yo…Mari and I started remembering things about the first shooting and that led to dozens of small stories tucked within what we thought was the whole shebang, they will probably start shooting in September or November. His wife Veronica and their two very beautiful daughters Kimberly and Alexis and their boyfriends, Patricia Landa de Pous, Carmelita Armendariz , her husband Ramon Pous and their three blonde princes, Pedro, Patricio and Juan Pablo entertained their nearly two year old cousin Eva Shum all day long, while Christiane and Mariagna made a super delicious luncheon. My two grandsons Arq.Alan Prats Arias and Ferran de Nicolas Prats sat by my side. Arq Ramon Prats had    “Submarino Morado” Circus opening and couldn´t be with us and Jordi has left us all without his new telephone numbers, so he and Luna and Azul  were sorely missed. Two grandmothers, one great grandmother, favorite aunts and uncles and kitten close cousins, Mother in Laws and brother and sister in laws. Babies and growing cousins, great food, great conversation,  it couldn´t have gotten better.

Until Tomorrow: Make your family your best friends.

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