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Copa Morelos 2016

Happy Anniversary, Ramon!

Ramon died in 2003, eight days before our 50th. wedding anniversary.. On August 31st. Mariagna gave a delicious dinner for her sister Nuria from Austin, her brother in law, Roberto, their son Bobby Yamanaka Prats now practicing law in San Antonio and Lauren, his bride to be from Arizona

. Mari’s daughter Christiane came with hubby Eduardo Pous and ten month old Eva Shum Pous de Anda , Ferran de Nicolas, (Nadala’s boy) and I rounded out the table..We raised on high our wine to wish Ramon a Happy St Ramon’s Day , and for him to see that we have never forgotten his presence among us.
Today would have been our anniversary number   fifty-nine.
I still remember the ride from Long Island to the church on 17th.street in New York’s Greenwich Village with all the truck drivers blowing their horns for good luck and shouting out..”Not too late yet, sweetheart, you can still have them turn around”...or”Last chance cookie “ but always with a smile and a thumbs-up sign...Nice crew of special people those New York big- truck drivers...a class all. their own...
A few years ago
Mari made sure we
landed in New York on
my anniversary and she, Katha Mont, Christiane
and I visited all the old haunts where I used to go with Ramon, including Tony’s Pizza Parlor where Mariagna scratched out her name on the wooden wall a half century after her mom and dad. Sentiments are always good. So are memories.
 My Haiku book is in the printer’s. Probably I’ll have the first dummy this week. It’s almost like giving birth. A soul Cesarean birth.
 I would like to remind readers that at the Francisco Diaz de Leon Rest Home on Humboly 77,there are very vibrant men and women who read both Spanish and English and would appreciate newspapers and magazines in both languages. I’ll be happy to collect them or if you live nearby my home is Yucatán 4, down the block from Notario No 2 and I’ll be happy to take them off your hands.I’m going to start this week sending my newspapers to the Home. Perhaps you would like to do the same.
 Felicitations to Tanya Snyder Salgado for a brilliant graduation and her immediate  first teaching job. They didn’t even give her a chance to catch her breathe..but I understand she loves so much what’s she’s doing she wouldn’t have it any other way.
 Congratulations to Ivonne Leonard who has her International School back where it belongs on the family home grounds where it first started. Ivonne and her daughters are happy, the teachers are delighted and the students couldn’t be in a safer place.
 Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace. Amelia Earhart (1898-1937).
 Last week on the BBC news they announced that finally the wreckage of Amelia’s plane has been found.I caught only the gist and none of the details. Anybody out there have fresher news?
 The Purple Submarine Circus Group is sprucing up La Carpa for a grand opening. It’s going to be great and their guest circus performers are coming from as far away as Venezuela and Spain.
Until Tomorrow: The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.
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