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Copa Morelos 2016

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all our readers, especially my dear friends in Denver and Texas... Arriba Mexico!
Mexico is being celebrated all over the USA and around the globe as Cinco de Mayo.

Once I kicked up my heels in San Antonio, literally warmed my buns in Denver, Colorado, (outdoor grilled hamburgers), and once in New Mexico.
All well organized grand celebrations complete with parades, art and craft shows, food fairs, dancing, singing and the gala dinner-dance to present to society the Queen of Cinco de Mayo and her Princess runner-ups.
These are all well-backed Mexican/USA displays of the wealth and strength of the Latin community... and vote. Denver has two excellentl all-Spanish newspapers (I was once offered a post there if I would consider moving). Thanks but no thanks. I not only live in Mexico, Cuernavaca is my Home! Many members of the government are completely bilingual business men, doctors, lawyers, judges and staunch community pillars of progressive thinking and fair play.
 Anybody who knows San Antonio knows that English
is the second language in this charming city.
New Mexico presents and thrives on Ole Mexican Charm, complete with adobe homes, lots of arches, creeping rose vines, hacienda style homes and  malls, wide-brimmed cowboy hats, jeans, vests and boots. Celebrations are cook-outs with authentic barbacoa. Chiles and garlic braids are strung up everywhere and arts and crafts are plentiful and of the highest quality. New Mexico is as Mexican as can be but with  Wall Street economy values and Fifth Avenue quality art in quaint settings.
* Christiane and Eduardo Pous are having all the mothers of the clan for a special brunch to celebrate May 10. The ranch is shaping up beautifully, it is so simple yet majestic, big and made of stone yet warm and inviting. The decor is original, well placed, with meaning and sentiment, everything that’s there has its reason to be. Daring but darling, a bit like Chris herself. I’m the great grandmother, so I always get the most comfortable chair near the central fireplace and when it’s warm, the most refreshing spot on the wrap-around front porch... I’m so happy they’re both so family-orientated. It’s Christiane’s first year as a mother, little Eva Shum will be six months old on May 5.
*Ramon, my architect grandson, and I have spent a bit of prime time this week checking fonts and fancy papers and my drawings cut to decorate the poetry pages for my Haiku book. Sounds like “a nothing to it”. “Piece of cake” job... but it ain’t! It’s the coal pit of books... the pasting and the possible paths to follow for design layout and pages and placement. So many choices, so many decisions, so little free time! But eventually... it will come to be and I will be smiling and having a book presentation and all the anguish will disappear!
I have some serious reading to do and daylight is fading fast. So before night falls I must get my body out to the good light of the back garden to check off a last rendering of some new Haikus. A Sunday afternoon’s poetic crop.

Until Tomorrow: Pride and impatience in man may not be virtues, but sometimes there is a certain beauty in both.

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