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Copa Morelos 2016

Carousel: The writer’s block

Definitely it is every writer’s nightmare… Lack of inspiration and absence of topics and having an idea without the words to express produces an extremely annoying feeling. Imagine yourself sited in the chair in front of the computer with the typing symbol twinkling, twinkling every second and those words never appear, then our Microsoft Word assistant “Clip” appears and says “Need some help” and winks his eye...  It might never pass to you, but in my crazy world those computer assistants were always teasing around, I think they felt my anger... Since I installed the latest Microsoft Office Word I don’t know where that mocking clip went to hide.
Whenever you experience the writer’s block I recommend you to stop trying to write something in that moment… Don’t search inspiration staring at the twinkling typing symbol or thinking “Hum, what could be a good topic?”  Let yourself to read something or hang out with friends, make experiences; I assure you, inspiration will come by itself… and this is not only for writers, it is for every one that want to express something through art. To talk about human life, meet the people, about adventures then adventure yourself to the world, if you can’t for any reason, well, just remember how a book is the transport to everywhere. It amaze me how in the search of what motivates you, you find motivation in life itself.
Until tomorrow: Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. Martin Luther

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