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Carousel: F. C. Barcelona

This is a family of catalán blood and, as good catalans, they respect their team. I remember my husband Ramon, with his good friend, Fernando Cobo, watching the game “The Classic” Barca vs Real Madrid.
Fernando was a huge fan of Real Madrid and as supposed… friendship had other meaning every time the classic was on t.v. Why to talk about F.C. Barcelona? Well, my grandson, Ferran, just came over with a skin head and then I realized: Barcelona didn’t won. He seems handsome, but I miss his beautiful long blonde hair… It will grow again.
Football is so interesting and with a lot of history. What is behind F.C. Barcelona?
FC Barcelona, founded in 1899 by a group of young foreigners living in Barcelona, was the result of the increasing popularity of football, and other British sports, across Europe. These origins have conferred upon the club it’s intercultural identity, multi-sport focus and it’s deeply-rooted allegiance to Barcelona and Catalonia.
The foundation of the club coincided with a time when people were becoming interested in playing sport in Catalonia; this social context and Catalonia’s idiosyncratic culture, led to the creation of a new model of modern leisure.
Joan Gamper, the club’s founder, was the inspiration and driving force behind the club’s first 25 years. His commitment to F.C. Barcelona, went far beyond his role as player, director and president.

Until tomorrow: Make sport, live healthy, dream and make dreams come truth with training and work.

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