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Copa Morelos 2016

Artistic Events in our Green Valley...

We have had splendid artistic events these past two weeks .in the CCU Gallery Omar Santamaría, Consuelo Chavez and Gerardo Miguel Padilla were the artists invited by the University of Morelos to represenrt “La Marcha Por La Paz.” The work will hang until November 30.
At St Michaels ad All Angels thirty artists  gathered in the garden of the Angilican church to exhibit their latest creations.Pilar Hinojoso, Mary Jo Dolle, Rosalinda Prieto,Marcela Kraft,
Frances Bourne,  Alejandro Diaz, Susan Keyes,Cristina Martinez De Campo,Naya Guillard,, Sara Schmid and Fernando Hermosillo, were among the artists participating.

I showed my collection The Voice of Siilence at the Museum of the City of Cuernavaca and presented my Haiku poetry book to a nice crowd of wonderful people. It was one of the friendlest gatherings I have ever witnessed...

Victor Manuel Contreras and Ruth Jervis followed  at the Museum with an exquisite collection of monumental works and paintings by this north- american artist. Its been a busy cultural month.

At the University Club in Mexico City Alpha Delta Kappa held its Founders Day Breakfast with speaker Anne-Marie O’ C onnor speaking on the Lady In Gold with the general organization in the hands of Carmen Schultz, Eloisa Cudney, Nancy Murria, Rhona Statland De Lopez, Elizabeth Elmer, Martha Gonzales Staurt, Susana Cuevas Nadia Koziova, Azalia Buenrostro, Donna Arias, Diana Ramirez, Laura Belmar, Marisa Mimenza, Debby Elliot, Yolanda Ravelo, Yvonne Leonard and Jeannie Andersen represented Cuernavaca’s Eta Chapter.
They tell me the speaker was terrific and as usual, the breakfast delightful and delicious. Thank you Mexico City ADK and The elegant University Club.

Can’t believe I’m wearing socks in Cuernavaca especially at eleven in the morning! Chilly! Keep warm.

Dr Robert Snyder sent me a few updates for our Thursday medicine tree during December. Mind games and wounding words; emotional verbal abuse,how to talk to your children ,top blaming others are the titles. I haven’t had time to run through them yet but they sound terrific. I think every once in a while when I ask for professional advice it’s because I’m overwhelmed with letters and notes with questions I have very slanted answers to. I’m not an expert by any means on solving problems. Common sense I can handle. Deeper problems should be handled by a professional and that’s exactly what that Robert Snyder is.

Congratulations to the Hospital Del Niño volunteers for their recent award from the Rotary Club Cuernavaca Oriente.
Well deserved...an abrazo para Terry  Rodríguez, Emilia Corral, Marcela and Marie Luisa Sanchez, Lupita Rivas, Susana de Caballero, Martha Aldave, Isabel de Fernex, Nancy Castro, Lupita Viniegra and Elena Guzman.

Well, keep the letters coming, they keep me company and your words warm  my heart.

Until Tomorrow: Find a new purpose in life..something to do or somebody to do for..
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